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Markella Kefallonitou

Pilates Instructor - Dance Specialist

My Approach

My personal experience as a dancer and dance teacher gave me an insight into the dancer's needs. Even though as dancers we use our bodies daily, I realised there is a gap between understanding our own anatomy, biomechanics and how each one of us needs to train in an individualised way. I was introduced to Pilates during my dance training to improve performance and I found it very beneficial to understand kinesiology, anatomy and biomechanics. Bridging that gap with embodied anatomy is vital for a dancer's progress.

Not one dancer is the same with another - much like a fingerprint - however dancers are asked to look alike in an ensemble, to have the same 'lines', to create the same shapes and figures, to move at the same time within the same tempo. It is a fascinating art, very expressive and rewarding, but sometimes dancers struggle to achieve what they desire or what they are asked to. My goal to help them overcome difficulties safely and achieve their goals.

My approach in dance conditioning is very specific to the individual but there are basic steps that guide my programme planning:​


Address each dancer's

unique needs


Set short-term, mid-term and long-term goals with the dancer


Explain the 'why' and 'how' of the conditioning exercises

Dance application

Apply the learning outcomes in a dance-related movement 

My passion is to spread the word that all dancers can reach their true potential, as long as they have the right tools!

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