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Markella Kefallonitou

Pilates Instructor - Dance Specialist

Pilates for the Dancer

What is Pilates?


Pilates is a form of training that focuses on postural alignment, deep core activation and awareness during movement. Joseph Pilates - the creator of Pilates - described his method as 'the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit'. It is one of the most well known exercise methods. It is recommended by medical experts for injury recovery, pain reduction, posture improvement and strength gains. 

How can Pilates help dancers?

The principles of Pilates are control, precision, flow, concentration, centering and breath. These principles are also broadly used in dance. Pilates can be versatile and adaptable, thus it is an ideal form of conditioning for dancers.


Nowadays the choreographic demands are very diverse and dancers are expected to perform various different styles and techniques. Training in a physically demanding environment may create muscular imbalances, postural compensations as well as fatigue. According to research, dancers have a high risk of injury occurrence, and recovery time is sometimes limited, which can lead to injury recurrence. 


Pilates can help dancers with:



Improve muscle strength


joint stability


Identify restrictions 


improve mobility safely 


Correct imbalances

and re-educate 

body mechanics



neuromuscular pattering and enhance recovery

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